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The way a baby expresses something he wants is to cry. Why are they crying? Because, they can’t speak as smoothly as adults do. So how do you deal with a crying child? Hogo, the Recomendation Cheap Newborn Diapers in Indonesia provides answers.

It’s important when your child is crying.

In taking care of children who are crying, this is related to the affection and empathy of parents.

However, you should know there are important things that parents should pay attention to when your child is crying and needs further treatment. About what’s that?

This cry needs special attention by parents, including the following:

  • A baby who is sad (can be caused by anxiety, for example: fear of yourself)
  • Baby who is being scratched by an object and has a wound
  • A sick baby (Example: diarrhea, heat)

After knowing the things mentioned above, what response should parents give to the child? Of course, with the aim of making the baby comfortable and calm. Take a good look at the types of parental responders.

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Parents’ response to a crying child

Here are the types of responses given by parents when children cry, including the following:

Giving love

The response you usually encounter when your child cries is to give affection or channel affection.

This is indicated through actions such as holding your little one or taking it out to look for the wind. With the response of parents like this the child will feel loved and loved. Before that, complete your affection with Hogo, a Recomendation Cheap Newborn Diapers in Indonesia.

When the baby is able to stop crying this will have an impact on his future, the child will more easily adjust to his surroundings.

Don’t care

There is a response from parents who are quite widely encountered when children cry, one of which is not caring about the cry.

Things like this are able to teach children not to grieve under any conditions and certainly have an impact on the future. Maybe in the future the child will experience problems in his personality such as easy lying and naughty.

Inconsistent parental treatment

Not infrequently there are parents who use response 1 and response 2 simultaneously. It’s not very good to apply.

Actually, this effect is different in the future as well. Sometimes there are children who try hard to get attention from parents and there are also those who only love one side of the family.

Do you understand it so far? Before that, make your child comfortable in the activity of using Hogo diapers. Hogo diapers are a Recomendation Cheap Newborn Diapers in Indonesia.

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