Baby Diaper Size for Newborn

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Talking about parenting will never end. One of the things that is often discussed today is the selection of baby diapers that match their size. How to choose Baby Diaper Size for Newborn? Check out the explanation here.

Baby diaper size based on age

Each brand has a different size, things like this will make parents confused. However, there is currently a term where there are small, medium, and large sizes.

Actually the original size with the age range of the baby can be different. Therefore, parents should buy the appropriate Baby Diaper Size for Newborn.

You should know that there is a special design of sizes for the ages of babies. Do you know? Here are the sizes of baby diapers that are adjusted to age, including the following:

Age 0-3 months

Baby’s skin at 0-3 months of age is still slightly sensitive to any object. However, you can still provide diapers with soft ingredients for your little one.

It is better to use disposable diapers such as adhesive diapers. Baby Diaper Size for Newborn can fall to sizes S, M, L, and XL. Adjusting to the weight of the little one, if it weighs large then use XL size.

You can choose the diaper that the child uses according to your wishes.

Age 4-19 months

The age of 4-19 months is the age at which the little one is more active in moving. Therefore, parents must prepare the right diaper size.

Medium sizes such as M and L can be used for children aged 4-19 months. You can give diaper pants for your little one so that they are comfortable in moving, such as running or jumping around.

20 months of age

Confused about the age of a child who reaches 20 months? Still need a diaper? Relax, today not only provide Baby Diaper Size for Newborn only.

There are also diapers for children as young as 20 months old. The size you can use is XL – XXL size.

Baby diaper ingredients

You should know that baby diapers have different ingredients from each other. You have to pay close attention to it.

So, there are several baby diaper materials including clodi diaper material or cloth, pants diaper material, and disposable diaper material. You can choose one of them that suits your child’s needs. If any diaper is suitable for your child. Do you want to get the most complete diaper right now? You can get it easily right now here. The quality of diaper products provided is premium quality, high absorption, and good for the health of your child. So, don’t miss using Hogo diapers.

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