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The older the baby gets, the more people cry. Do you know why your child is crying? Hogo ,The Most Favorite Newborn Diaper Brand will provide information about the reasons babies cry.

The reason the baby is crying

When a 3-month-old baby often cries, of course, there are certain reasons that make him fussy. Whether it’s lack of rest, pain, or discomfort.

Here are the reasons why 3-month-old babies cry often, including the following:

1. Hunger

It is not known that adults are able to determine the portion of each meal. However, this does not happen to babies.

The baby can not know the portion of his meal, so he prefers to cry when hungry. Considering that at the age of 3 months of the baby, they are increasingly actively moving. Therefore, meet the needs of food and drink.

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2. Restless

Why do babies cry so often? At the age of 7-8 months the little one will crawl and explore the objects around him.

When exploring things around them and not finding people known to the child, they will be restless. From excessive anxiety, crying appears as a sign that the child is not in a good state.

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3. Pain

Usually if the child is sick or his body is not fit, then they will continue to cry. Therefore, please check the body of the little one to avoid what is not desirable.

4. Frustration

When babies are frustrated and can’t deliver what they want then one of the ways is to cry.

Babies at an early age do not communicate well, therefore parents must be sensitive to what money happens to their children.

5. Want something

One of the things that can affect a baby’s crying is wanting something that should have been resolved by the parents.

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Don’t get angry at the baby’s cries.

After knowing that there are many reasons for babies crying, parents should understand what steps to take.

When the baby cries, never yell at him with a big voice or scold him, this will make the baby cry even more. Parents should know that when babies cry, they need empathy from you. So, do not damage the baby psychologically early on. Scolding your child will make them experience delays in psychological development. So, it’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Get used to emotional control.

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