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Just had a delivery? Confused, how to take care of your child properly? Before that, first complete the baby with Hogo diapers. You can get it through Diaper Manufacturer Surabaya.

You will get a variety of information about your child’s life here easily. Don’t miss it.

Caring for a post-natal baby

Caring for your child post-delivery is not an easy thing and can be done as easily as flipping the palm of the hand.

However, the skills of caring for your child post-delivery can be learned at this time. However, do not forget to prepare Hogo diapers from Diaper Manufacturer Surabaya. Here are some tips on caring for a post-natal baby, including the following:


Just gave birth, confused how to care for the little one, especially the baby’s skin. Fear of being wrong, but it never hurts to try.

The way to take care of your baby’s skin is to bathe it once a day. Remember your child can not stand the cold water conditions. You can put a baby’s special liquid soap in the bath and wipe it.

This needs to be done to reduce the appearance of prickly heat and minimize the occurrence of skin diseases.


Actually, the nose itself does not need to do a special cleaning, because it is able to clean itself.

You can simply clean your child’s nose on the outside. When your child has a cold, then just suck using an aspirant.


You should know that the inside of your child’s ear should not be cleaned. So, how do I clean his ears?

How to clean the right ear is to drip one drop of baby oil into the ear canal of the little one. You should know that the dirt will come out on its own.


Nail problems, so parents should cut their little one’s nails periodically. There are special scissors for baby nails.


In fact, the baby’s mouth does not need special care. Simply use sterile gauze and then wet it with boiled water and wait for it to warm.

You should know sometimes there are children who are affected by candida fungus so, clean your child’s mouth.

The importance of taking care of the baby

Parents should know that caring for a post-natal baby is very important. Why can it? It has to do with your child’s health.

In fact, not only that by caring for a baby at his golden age it will help the growth and development of the little one.

Accompany the growth and development of the little one with Hogo diapers. Hogo diapers have a soft material and are suitable for your little one’s skin.

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