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The growth and development of the little one is a concern for parents. Especially in the moments when children grow and develop well. You should know that at the age of 9 months, prepare tools that contain education and do not forget to prepare the staples from Baby Diaper Distributor Surabaya.

Games to educate children aged 9 months

There are so many games that can educate your child at the age of 9 months, do you already know it?

Here is a simple game that can educate your child at his golden age, including the following:

Clapping while singing

The thing that can accelerate the growth and development of children is to invite children to clap and sing together. This is great for stimulation of the brain ability of the baby.

Not only can it stimulate the ability of the little one’s brain, by doing this simple game is able to improve the ability of the baby in controlling body parts, as well as hand coordination.

You can sing a song on a train, delman, or my round hat. Don’t forget to ask your child for applause.

Playing throwing catch the ball

This activity is enough to keep the child active. How could it be? Of course, your child should be able to catch and throw the ball using his hands.

Many benefits will be obtained when playing ball throwing, children will train the ability of the hands and feet, improve the ability of the sense of vision, and strengthen the muscles of their body.

Don’t forget to equip your child with a comfortable diaper. You can get it at Baby Diaper Distributor Surabaya.

Reading children’s books

Reading books with children is incomplete without diapers. This time, you can get quality diapers through Baby Diaper Distributor Surabaya.

You can buy a picture book so that your child develops what they imagine. Not only that, parents can set a schedule to read your child’s book. What about for example?

You can read a book to your baby during the hours before going to bed, such as at 9 pm. With this, it is able to improve the child’s ability to grow and develop.

Criteria for choosing children’s toys

There are several criteria that must be considered by parents in choosing toys for their children.

Before choosing a child’s toy that fits the criteria, make sure the child first uses diapers from the Baby Diaper Distributor Surabaya to be more comfortable in the activity.

The right criteria for choosing children’s toys include toys that are devoted to children, able to support the child’s growth and development process, multifunctional, safe for the little one, able to improve skills and creativity, and are constructive. It is easy not knowing the criteria for choosing children’s toys. You can apply it when making a purchase of toys for children.

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